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Allgood News: The Funk's Frankfurter Dream

Dave and Joyce Funk needed a change. Like a lot of Americans, they're in their 60's but nowhere near ready to retire... so they had a dream.It involved their favorite Chicago Hot Dog and and spending more time together...and still making a little money. So... they invested a little inheritance money into a hot dog cart! AND, they went to Vienna Beef Hot Dog University! Yes, there is a Hot Dog University. Doing what you love is really not and a job...and Dave and Joyce seem really happy! 


Here is their Allgood News.

If you want to meet Dave & Joyce and get an Original Chicago Dog! They have their cart at the corner of 4th and White here in Grand Junction every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 10:30am to 3:00pm. 

For more information on Dave & Joyce & Vienna Beef Dogs - Here is their Hot Dog Cart website: 



June 22, 2018


Questions or Comments? Contact Dave: Dallgoodlife@outlook.com    


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