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Alzheimer's Awareness

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A local man with dementia who was missing for nearly three days has been found safe; but this type of scenario happens more often than you might think. 

The idea of a loved one going missing or losing their way is many people's worst nightmare. But for hundreds of families each year, this nightmare turns into reality. Those with dementia can sometimes get confused and wander off, sending their families into a panic. But one organization is trying to prevent that from happening. 

Imagine realizing that a loved one is not where they're supposed to be. And imagine knowing that loved one has a serious problem with memory. That was the reality for Keith Pottratz, whose father went missing on August 26th. Keith's father, Darrell, has dementia, and on his way to visit a friend's house, something he regularly does, he wandered off. 

Darrell was found safe on Friday, but for hundreds of people, this scenario is all too common, and the outcome can be much worse. The Alzheimer's association deals with incidents like this every day. They say those with various forms of dementia can always be at risk for wandering, even if they never have before. But losing a loved on can be avoided; taking some crucial precautions can those with dementia safe from wandering, or help find them if they do. 

And the Alzheimer's association has many resources available for patients and their families, to try and make sure what happened to Darrell and Keith doesn't happen again. 

Alzheimer's Association Website: https://alz.org/co

24/7 Help Hotline: (800) - 272 - 3900

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