Ann Mullins Receives Leadership Award from WaterNow Alliance

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ASPEN, Colo. — City of Aspen Councilwoman Ann Mullins is being recognized today by WaterNow Alliance with a 2021 Leadership Award for her work on the development of water efficiency plans and programs that helped Aspen become a model for smart and practical water demand management across the State and Colorado Basin.

Over the last eight years Mullins has been passionate about issues she has worked on and championed including: supporting the stormwater management program and securing more funding for the program; promoting the River Management Plan; initiating and advocating for the approval of the Landscape Efficiency Ordinance; serving on Ruedi Water and Power Authority Board which focuses on issues of water quality, water flow, fisheries, hydro power, and monitoring the invasive zebra mussel population; supporting Aspen Utility’s Integrated Resource Plan, which establishes a 50-year community water plan; and exploring and engaging in the process of securing an alternative storage site  to retain Aspen’s conditional water rights.

WaterNow Alliance’s Leadership Award is given annually to recognize a local water leader of extraordinary vision in advancing sustainable water management strategies and protecting local water resources for the future.

“I’m really honored to be recognized with this award,” Councilwoman Ann Mullins said.  “I acutely understand how significant water issues are to Aspen and the Western Slope and I actively work to create policies and secure funding for initiatives that will protect and enhance our local watershed alongside maintaining our valuable and necessary city water rights that benefit our entire community.”

WaterNow Alliance’s annual awards are designed to recognize local water leaders accelerating innovative, climate-resilient, affordable, and equitable water solutions in their communities. WaterNow Alliance is a forum for local water leaders who want to champion sustainable, affordable, and climate-resilient water strategies. See WaterNow Alliance’s attached press release.

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