Arrest Affidavit Details In Kyle Free Murder

Local News

An arrest affidavit released Wednesday afternoon details what police believe happened to Kyle Free, the Clifton man reported missing in April, whose remains were found in a remote area of Mesa County earlier this month.

A total of five people have been arrested in this case. Three of those people have been charged with First Degree Murder. Police believe John C. Eddy, 25, of Clifton shot and killed Free, and that Rebecca Walker, 34, also of Clifton, who is described in the arrest affidavit as Free’s girlfriend, asked Eddy to kill Free. A third person, David Castro, 32, of Clifton, is accused of assisting Eddy in the shooting. The affidavit also says Castro was accidently shot in the buttocks during the murder.

The affidavit released was the one used for the arrest of Eddy.

According to the document, this all started in early April, when police were called to Walker’s home because Free was reportedly on drugs, acting irrationally, and threatening to take Walker’s 16-year-old daughter with him. An arrest warrant was issued for Free after he failed to appear in court. On April 27, Free’s brother, Justin Free, reported Kyle missing.

A subsequent investigation that involved information from a confidential informant who knew the people involved led to the arrests.

Based on the investigation, police believe Walker contacted Eddy and asked him to kill Free.

Police believe Eddy shot Free at Rebecca Walker’s home early in the morning on April 11, and that Free’s body remained in the garage at the home for 3 days, before it was put in several large plastic bags. and then into a 50 gallon black tub.

Two of the other people arrested, Timothy Zane Russman, 28, of Clifton, and Nathan Ryan of Grand Junction, who was taken into custody in Iowa, are accused of being the people who took Free’s body from Walker’s home and dumped it in a remote area of Mesa County. The affidavit says Russman was the person who took a police investigator to the spot where Free’s remains were found on December 5th.



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