GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “The largest, fastest, indoor manufacturing facility in the United States and we plan on building it next to Community Hospital in Grand Junction,” says Ted Steers, Executive Vice President of Mosaic Housing.

Big changes in affordable housing could soon take Mesa County by storm. A group of investors, sphere headed in large part by realtor and developer Ted Steers plans to build a state-of-the-art new factory here to build apartments.

But not just any factory and not just any apartments, “something that specializes in multi-story buildings. Between three and five stories. We can build them fifty percent faster than any other process of building an apartment building,” says Steers.

Software and robotics will drive the process to build factory-made apartments. In some cases, it shaves 20% off production costs, something Diane Schwenke with the Chamber of Commerce thinks will benefit those interested in the computer technology field.

Schwenke also says, “We kind of hit the trifecta with this project. In terms of the number of new jobs. Well-paying jobs in the trades and also in kind of some of the computer technology that will be needed to actually run the machines.”

The state regulates modular housing, saving time and money on-site. Steers believes Grand Junction is an ideal spot because of distribution, workforce, and one more thing.

Steers also says, “bring the facility to a city that can really support it through an abundance of young people, hard work ethic, and a technical operational background.”

The manufacturing facility will cost $48,000,0000. $38,000,000 of that amount, is already secure. The rest investors are welcome. Steers added, “I would like a lot of local support. Grand Junction is full of business people that want to invest locally.” Of the 177 acquired acres, the factory will consume 16. As for the rest., Steers says, “we have a plan to build 308 apartments, just to the west of the hospital and then another site I have 15 acres scheduled to build 200 townhomes.”

Once the remaining funds are secured, Steers says construction could start within 60 days.