Ballots Found on Side of Road in Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Jim Kellog was walking his dog Monday morning when he found a pile of mail on the side of the road on Vista Grande.

“It wasn’t in a stack, it was scattered… But it would have been enough to fit in your hand if it was stacked neatly,” says Kellog. He picked up some of the mail, to find six ballots.
“One I found across the street… It had been driven over several times,” says Kellog.
Kellog says this discovery is a big concern, and casts doubt on how secure mail-in ballots really are.
“I called my friends and said don’t mail your ballots back, take them right to the ballot box and drop them in by hand.”

The six ballots were for three different addresses, all in the same neighborhood. According to the Mesa County Elections Office, the ballots had not been filled out yet.
“Our ballots were mailed out on Friday, so they most likely would have received them on Saturday,” says Tina Peters, the Mesa County Clerk.

Peters says the post office is closed Monday due to a holiday and most mail isn’t delivered on Sunday. So based on the condition of the mail discovered, she belives the mail was received on Saturday, and possibly planted or left by someone that isn’t a postal worker.
“This was far too fresh, far too new, to have weathered through the weather and the rain through the weekend,” the Elections Office has contacted the postal service to make them aware of the incident.
“As far as Mesa County, there is no concern about mail ballot fraud,” says Peters.

To track your mail-in ballot head to the link below: