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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – As reopening progresses some of the hardest hit industries are starting to get back to business.

KREX 5’s Shelby Bracho spoke with the Grand Junction Economic Partnership and checked in with a local barbershop to learn more.

“It’s not about how long you’ve been cutting, it’s how much you love cutting,” said Chris Mattox, the owner of Distinguished Barber Studio.

Without the ability to provide services remotely, the industry has been hit hard by the pandemic.

“We can’t social distance,” said Mattox.

“A barber and the client are like at the very most, like 6 inches apart,” said Tyra Amaya, a barber at Distinguished.

The barber shop is located in Grand Junction at 304 North Avenue, Unit 3.

“That’s one of the industries that was most severely affected,” said Robin Brown, the Executive Director at the Grand Junction Economic Parntership, “Once they were able to re-open, their books are full, it’s just a matter of capacity.”

Distinguished does most of its business through walk-ins.

“We do have one barber here that does appointments only, but everybody else on staff we do walk-ins all day and we welcome everybody all kinds, old, young, in between,” said Mattox.

Which helps to draw in clientele at a time like this, “We ask people like, ‘where do you get your haircut?’ and they say, ‘oh well that place was booked up,” said Amaya, “Peoples hair doesn’t stop growing so, it’s just been like a steady flow all day every day which is pretty nice.”

The shop is handling their clients, all while following local guidelines.

“Right now we do have to ask them to put masks on and we can’t shave them,” said Mattox, “But everybody’s getting used to it, this is actually one of the industries where we clean all the time anyway so this is just hyping us to do it even more.”

“The question is, how quickly we can get back to 100% capacity,” said Brown.

As it’s been for the last few months, many details are still up in the air.

“We didn’t know exactly how extreme they were going to go with a business like this so, but we’re working through it,” said Mattox.

“There’s no alternative, there’s no back up there’s no way to make that a remote business,” said Brown.

And now more than ever, businesses need to stay open.

“I do not believe shutting down again is an option, we will lose a lot of businesses,” said Brown, “We need to figure out a way to stay open so that our businesses can get back to work, while keeping people safe and I think we could do that.”

At a time when local businesses depend on the community for support, “Everybody come on out, we want you here, come on out so we can change your life,” said Mattox.

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