Bear Attack 911 Call Reveals What Happened

Local News

KREX 5 News has obtained the 911 call made by the parents of the 5-year-old girl who was attacked by a bear early Sunday morning.

The entire call lasted around 12 minutes. We have edited the most informative sections into a 3 minute report.

The call shows that both parents were very calm during the call. The father described the girl’s wounds, saying she had been bitten on her buttocks and leg, and said that she was not bleeding severely from the wounds at the time of the call.

The parents turned down several requests from the 911 operator to send an ambulance. The father revealed that the bear was still in the backyard during the 911 call.

While first reports indicated the little girl went outside around 2:30 am to check out a noise she thought was the family dog, the father tells the 911 operator that the girl was camping in the backyard alone when the bear attack happened.

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