Beating the heat in a possible Extreme Heat Warning

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In the Grand Valley as we know, it can get really hot.
“It gets hotter than a lot of other places in the state. I think we get so excited to get out and have fun that we might forget to listen to our bodies,” Mesa county Health official, Stefany Busch said.

Mesa County Public Health officials are encouraging residents to know the signs of heat related illnesses as we enter another week with a possible excessive heat warning. Recommendations to protect yourself in the sun include:

“Staying out of sun as much as possible, you know scheduling time outside, really listening to your body with going outside, whether if its for recreation or work. drinking plenty of fluids,” Busch said.

Residents are beating the heat with a cool swim in community pools, or finding a nice shaded area in local parks.
“I just wanted to get outdoors and you know not be stuck inside as much and it’s such a beautiful day so why not take advantage and that’s what the shade is for, its not nearly so hot in the shade,” Mesa County resident, Melissa Treusch said.

We are in the heat of summer in Grand Junction and could see more triple-digit temperatures throughout the season. Anyone choosing to recreate outdoors should be advised on heat related illnesses because the sun can be very unforgiving.

When recreating or working in the heat, you may experience symptoms of heat exhaustion including heavy sweating and paleness. Heat exhaustion can quickly advance to heat stroke. Signs of both heat exhaustion and stroke include severe muscle cramps. Symptoms of heat stroke include, high body temperature, red, hot, and dry skin with no sweating.

Anyone experiencing heat stroke is in need of emergency services and should dial 9-1-1

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