Behind the Scenes Crime Fighters

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Not all police men and women patrol the streets. That being said, some work behind the scenes, and they are known as forensic investigators.

This week, it is National Forensic Science Week, and we are recognizing the efforts of these forensic investigators, also known as forensic scientists, that are so crucial to solving crimes.

Right here in Grand Junction, the forensic scientists are a vital part of the police force. The forensic team works countless hours after a crime takes place to process evidence and solve missing pieces in a case. So far in 2020, the team has submitted over 13,000 pieces of evidence that are aimed to find the truth.

Trent Rundquist, a GJPD crime lab supervisor, says, “my whole team is just amazing, and I can’t speak enough about them. So this week, it is really just to show our forensic scientists and our crime scene investigators that we do appreciate the work they do.”

And according to Rundquist, what the forensic scientists enjoy the most about the work they do is that each day is different.

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