GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Looking out the window the morning of a snow day may look like a Christmas card, but that cold fluffy stuff is good for more than just aesthetics. It makes every hill into a roller coaster and led us to ask which Grand Junction Hill is best?

Obviously, the best sledding hills are going to be at the top of a ski lift but right within grand junction’s city limits, there are some local favorite spots. We asked everyone I encountered where the best spot was, and I got four main answers. I had a few people suggest Duck Pond Park in Orchard Mesa or the park behind the hospital, but the most popular suggestion was Lilac Park near First and North. The last hill I was told about is a hidden gem. What is a giant pile of dirt on crossroads boulevard for most of the year turns into a big steep sled slope once the snow falls. The cold winter fun of a snow day only gets better on an incline.