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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — The November 3rd Presidential election is 11 days away, and in Colorado, the latest polls show Joe Biden has a double digit lead over President Trump, but a lot can change from now until the final vote.

For years the Grand Valley has leaned towards voting for the conservative candidates. So, with the Presidential Election less than two weeks away, many are voting to reelect President Trump. Still, the “Biden Bus” made a stop in Grand Junction this morning. A few months ago, the Biden for President Team launched a “Soul of the Nation” bus tour. It is a socially distanced drive-thru event, making multiple stops across the state, and today, it was parked at the Mesa County Democrats Office to pass out Biden-Harris campaign gear.

Grand Junction City Councilman, Chuck McDaniel, says it is important the bus makes a stop in the Grand Valley because “we think there are conservatives that can support Biden and Harris, and we are encouraging them to do so.”

Thereby, this morning volunteers stood outside the parked bus passing out Biden-Harris campaign gear to those who drove through the event. However, many of those who attended were not there to only get a Biden-Harris yard sign or a bumper sticker.

Many say this General Election is the most important election in the last 100 years. Thus, on November 3rd, we are not only electing candidates, but their beliefs as well. And while the ideas among the political parties are polarizing, some locals are looking at this election to end strong partisanship. As an example, Councilman McDaniel says, “whatever I say is wrong, or whatever a Republican says is wrong. That can’t work.”

Councilman McDaniel also wants to remind us that “we are one nation,” and therefore, he adds, “we can not go on in a divided country like we have. We need to do something, and do the right things to bring people together.”

On Sunday, KREX will be with Congressman and Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck as well as Congressional Candidate for Colorado’s 3rd District, Lauren Boebert when they visit Grand Junction.

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