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Bike Repair Stations Installed

A new station in downtown is hoping to get you on your feet and off the road. 

Downtown business owner Aaron Young of Kaart Group made the suggestion to downtown development authorities to improve on the bike infrastructure on Main Street with some new bike repair stations.

The idea came after seeing more bike commuters in the downtown area and to encourage more bicycle riding in town --offering cyclists more amenities.

The free-to use installment has a bike pump, tire levers, and tools to make minor adjustments.

"Trying to find locations where there's a lot of pedestrian use and space and bicycle activity trying to identify those," said Brandon Stam, Director of Downtown GJ.

Young added, "In the downtown area it's really easy to ride a bicycle to and from and we don't need to use cars as much."

The bike repair stations are located in front of 750 Main St. and Roasted Espresso on Colorado Avenue.

Young said he plans to increase the biking culture on a community bike share program --allowing people to use bikes to make small town errands instead of driving.


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