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Bipartisan Bill Could Help Reduce Health Care Costs

Colorado - A new proposed bill could help to lower health care costs for Coloradans, and the idea came out of the Western Slope.

Representative Julie McCluskie out of Dillon proposed the bipartisan bill which would establish a reinsurance program to stabilize the individual health insurance marketplace.

This idea is especially important in rural areas of Colorado where families will often struggle to pay the cost of health insurance, and will often forgo insurance coverage as a result.

McCluskie, along with Rep. Janice Rich of Grand Junction, proposed the bill February 1st and hope to see the benefits come into full affect by 2020, with the Western Slope seeing the best results.

The bill would help to reduce insurance premiums for individuals and families using federal funding, and eight other states have impalement similar programs using the section 1332 waiver that McCluskie is proposing.

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