A local woman plans to press charges after she said she was assaulted at a Grand Junction bar.

After a customer at Quincy’s Bar said she received some discriminatory comments, she and the Black Lives Matter movement held a protest.

Jennifer Vargas said she and a friend headed to Quincy’s last weekend and requested to play some music from the Black Panther Soundtrack, “[The DJ] said well it depends on the amount of what you put in the tip jar.”

After her friend had gone back to the DJ booth another two times, the DJ asked them to leave.

Vargas said the DJ told them, “That we’re agitating her for requesting songs and she wants us out.”

Before leaving the bar, her friend talked to the bar’s security personnel about being asked to leave but as they’re proceeding to leave, Vargas said, “We’re walking away, made it almost to the corner and 3 bouncers came chasing us from the door,” having her friend leave and Vargas staying behind.

She said, “I stood there, I turned around and I got shoved.”

And when asked why she got shoved, she said one of the bar’s security men began to make  discriminatory comments so she called the police.

“The officer did let us know that he’d seen that man be overly aggressive to another man, but the supervisor wouldn’t let him cite him because there were no witnesses.”

Despite a lack of witnesses, Vargas now says she still plans to press charges and the BLM group wants to see a change in Quincy’s Bar protocols.

“Have their employees take a diversity training, to teach them what not to do what not to say, what’s acceptable and educate them.”

Saturday afternoon they protested in front of the bar to press for those changes, but they left sooner than planned after feeling threatened by patrons inside the bar.

“We heard them screaming and shouting all the way from the outside over to us.”

Vargas hopes this protest will prevent further incidents like the one she said happened to her.

KREX Five News reached out to Quincy’s Bar for comment but did not receive any response.