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Bookcliff "Brew-nettes" Begin

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - You may think of beer-thirty for the boys but a group in the Grand Valley is bringing in the gals.

The Bookcliif Brew Club held its first meeting for their female chapter at the Ale House Wednesday night.

They started off by brain storming what they want the club to look like and what they want to do, like touring hop farms and craft breweries.

"It's run to brew your own beer and to drink your own beer. It's really a satisfying experience." Laura Shaffer, a member of the club, said.

The club meets once a month to talk about beer, the brewing industry and tips on how to brew their own beer.

"There are a long of guys in the club right now." Shaffer said, "We're just trying to have more girls interested in it and more interested in beer over all."

The groups next event is on April 28th.

If you're interested in keeping up on the group, you can find them on Facebook by searching "Boockliff Brew Club Brewnettes."

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