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Border to Border: Securing Seatbelts Across State Lines

CSP and UHP team up for new campaign

MESA COUNTY, Colo. - The message behind the Click it or Ticket campaign stretches beyond state lines, so Colorado State Patrol and the Utah Highway Patrol are joining forces to enforce the seatbelt laws. 

In front of our Colorful Colorado sign and the Utah State sign is where officers from both states came together in honor of their partnership. This border to border enforcement is not just limited to these two states either; Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming are all involved. "Understanding that there are so many distractions on the road, you're not only responsible for your own driving but other people's driving as well, so seatbelts are the over all foundation of a safe driving habit," said Captain Matt Ozanic of the Colorado State Patrol.

The Click it or Ticket campaign begins May 21 and lasts until June 3.

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