GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — It’s the second consecutive year Tina Peters won’t be allowed to oversee elections in Mesa County, “It’s everything we expected, but effectively on the ground nothing changes,” Cody Davis, Commissioner Chairman says.

Mesa County Judge Robinson ruled in favor of Secretary of State, Jena Griswold who sued to prohibit Peters involvement.

You’ll remember in 2021 when Colorado Springs City Council member, Wayne Williams filed in for Peters and this year Commissioners are in support of, Brandi Bantz, “Now we have from the Judge duly-appointed DEO, Designated Election Official Brandi Bantz,” Davis says.

Brandi Bantz was first hired in Mesa County as the Director of Elections, now on her second anniversary she has a new title, “It’s a huge honor that the citizens, the Commissioners, and the Secretary of States office have trust in me to be the Designated Election Official,” Brandi Bantz, DEO says.

Judge Robinson ruled in favor of the Commissioners recommendation, “She is more qualified than anybody else within that office,” Davis says and now Mesa County is ready for another election, “From the Mesa County Commissioner’s side, we are going to make sure you can trust your vote this fall.

Come the Primary election, voters will head to the polls and in the meantime DEO Bantz and her team updated security, “We’ve implemented a buddy system so when we come back to the secure areas we always have two people so nobody will be back here alone,” Bantz says.

Come June, Mesa County voters will see some new names on the Clerk’s ballot like Julie Fisher and Bobbie Gross. Voters will also see Peters under Secretary of State, “Yeah Tina Peters is on the ballot for Secretary of State, and that’s in the voter’s hands 100%,” Davis says, “We are not going to state one way or another, as the County Commission whether we support that or not, but what we want people to do is get out and vote, let your vote be heard”