Bray real estate releases a report on residential real estate every month and commercial every quarter, both came out this afternoon with good news for sellers.

Brokers at Bray tell us that right now it is still a seller’s market.

But they also say that it’s a little all over the place, the median home price in March of 2023 was half a percent higher than it was a year earlier.

Then in April median price went down a percent.

 There are also more active listings– 47 percent more— right now than last year and houses on average are spending more time on the market–about 60 days.

Their advice?  Work with a professional. Merrite Wyatt a broker at Bray told us, “This is not the old market that was easy, the pandemic changed a lot and now it’s tougher, so you are gonna want someone with the right skill set to help you.”

Bray also tells us commercial real estate locally continues to expand even though it may look like it’s slowed since the number of sales dropped 39% from May of 2022 to May 2023.

to view the full report, head to Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade Local Area Information – Bray Real Estate (