GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – At 11:06 on Dec. 3, Scenic Elementary was instructed to shelter in place by law enforcement due to a mountain lion sighting in the area. The school will not be answering calls during this time.

The person who called in the siting, around noon, said he saw the mountain lion less than a mile away from school grounds. Scenic Elementary’s shelter-in-place started immediately and later students were given early release around 2pm.

While the mountain lion sighting remains unconfirmed, Colorado Parks and Wildlife tells us a sighting at this time of year would not be unusual.

“In the fall, when the deer move down, the mountain lions will follow their prey now, and so, they can come into and through town it’s not uncommon for them to be in town,” “To be a confirmed sighting, I need to see tracks or something that I can based on that we can be more proactive. At this time, I wasn’t able to find tracks or anything any evidence to show that there was an outlier in the area.”

Ivan Archer says mountain lions travel a wide territory and tend not to linger around one area longer than a day or two.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife suggests you try to make yourself bigger and intimidating if you ever encounter wildlife.