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Brighter Smiles In The Grand Valley

New Report Shows Fewer Cavities Among Colorado Kids

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Smiles are getting brighter for kids across Colorado, even for kids here in the Grand Valley.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released a report on child dental care and a decrease in cavities among Colorado kids.

The report details that 55% more children in third-grade have received dental sealants which are a clear coating applied to the teeth and expect 80% fewer cavities.

The report shows that kids who receive early dental screenings and four fluoride cleanings before the age of three can reduce cavity risks by 16%.

Preventing cavities not only saves money but helps make sure kids aren't missing school.

"We educate them about brushing, making sure they're brushing before school, after school, and before bed. Making sure they're flossing, making use of Xylitol sugar-free gum is a pretty important thing and something that wasn't available when I was a kid", says Dr. Craig Droskin, a dentist and the owner of Droskin Dental.

The department's Cavity Free At Three program details what parents should keep in mind for their child's dental care, their website is http://www.cavityfreeatthree.org/.

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