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Brown Center to Open as Homeless and Migrant Worker Home

MONTROSE, Colo. - In Montrose, a new beginning for an old building. An empty center is now becoming a housing facility for farm workers and the homeless.

The Brown Center has recently been approved to open as a dorm for migrant workers during the agricultural season, and double as an emergency shelter in the winter months. Tuxedo Corn Company and Montrose Lighthouse share a lease on the center so it can remain open year round. That lease is good for three years. City councilors unanimously approved that lease last week in the hopes that it will help the community in more ways than one.

"The ultimate responsibility of government is to take care of those that are the most vulnerable, and I think what we are doing here is making sure all our citizens are protected, and that their welfare is indeed respected," said Montrose Mayor Pro Tem Dave Bowman. 

The center plans to have 24 beds for both men and women. Organizers hope to open the doors on November 1st as a homeless shelter.

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