Building Bike Racks for Colorado Discover Ability

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — Being a Boy Scout is more than knowing how to survive in the wilderness. The organization is also about demonstrating leadership and assisting others, and today was all about helping others. Ross Winters, an Eagle Scout, saw a storage problem at Colorado Discover Ability (CDA) and had to solve it. The CDA is a local organization which helps promote adaptive outdoor recreation for disabled people. So, Winters and his troop partnered with CDA to build bike racks. And with the constant controversies surrounding the Boy Scouts, the core values of the organization, such as being helpful, friendly, and courteous, can get overlooked, but today, with Troop 353, those values were instead highlighted.

Winters’ project has been in the works for over a year, and he really wanted to help the CDA sooner, but because of COVID-19, his plans were postponed. But now the time is right, and the bike racks are going to allow CDA volunteers to be able to move the bikes around the warehouse more freely.

But, Winters could not build the bike racks alone, and helping him are his fellow Eagle Scouts. One scout, Roland Galvan, says, “I definitely knew I wanted to help out right away. It’s definitely one of those things that if I help them, they’ll help me out in return.”

Winters also wishes that his work inspires others in the Grand Valley to do good, even if it is a simple design because thoughtfulness can go a long way. DJ Dickey from the CDA says, “what they are doing to help people with disabilities is really going to make a difference for CDA.”

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