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Building Goodwill And A Fence

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - After moving into a home back in June, one local family gets the ultimate renovation --as a part of the Share The Good project.

The mother who has struggled for the past few years says this is the best early Christmas present in her entire life.

It was the man power of 30 people and 10 hours of labor that's helping make one family's dream come true.

"They're doing it in two days and I'm still overwhelmed at the thought that they're doing this," said Valleywide Fence recipient, Venessa Hammouri.

She and her two children had been living in an apartment till she recently purchased a home with a backyard for her autistic son.

"I was able to buy a house for the kids and get Brody his yard and now he's going to be able to do everything that he needs to do."

The Redmond team and Valleywide Fence were looking for a family to help and add value to their lives --which is exactly what they found in Hammouri and her children.  

"Their mission statement is to 'Elevate the Human Experience' and that's what we feel like we're doing here. As we find someone and help elevate them and maybe in the future she can find a way to help somebody else," explained Office Manager of Valleywide Fence, Misty McManus.

The single mother of two had called to get a quote for a fence and it was then that a sales manager had heard her story.

"[Going to] work around as I save money to do the rest of the fence and they called me back and said we were one of the families that we qualified for a free fence."

The family woke up to a torn down yard Tuesday morning, but it was all for her brand new fence, a trampoline, a swing set, and a decorated Christmas tree.  

"The few times that I've spoken with her...she's just a remarkable woman and we think this is a well deserved experience for her and us. It's to benefit us as much as her."

Contributions she says will aid her with the goal of being able to control her son's energy and stimulation.

"So he can go out there and instead of sit and watch, play games and watch YouTube all day long."

All made possible with the help of dozens of volunteers who put in hours of labor, so her family could be comfortable in their new space.

Tuesday was just day one of the renovations, but the volunteers hope to finish by Wednesday morning.

The team has one more extra present to give on Wednesday.

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