Businesses Benefit From the 5 Star Variance Protection Program

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What gift do you get the person, big and small, that has it all during the year of Covid? You give them a sweet smile! It’s Candytime! Elise Hall is the Candytime Shoppe owner and says, “From a 1-year-old to a 100-year-old.” “There’s something for everyone,” says customer Cora Goforth. “It’s nostalgic,” said customer Ashley Hawkins.

The Candytime Shoppe offers more than the remembrance of better times, this sweet shop has a 5 star rating showing it offers sweets and safety. Hall says, “It lets everybody know that everybody’s taking those precautions, and that’s it’s safe to come in and travel to Grand Junction for those businesses.” Cora is visiting from North Carolina and says, “I feel a lot safer. Especially, with the masks, and everything, and I feel like that’s a great precaution to take.”

The 5 Star Variance Protection Program shows the business is implementing, enforcing, and promoting safe practices so you focus on shopping for family, friends, or furbabies, while local businesses keep their cash registers flowing.

Taran Pennington is visiting his sweetheart and says, “This is just not something you come across everyday, and you can find some kind of unique items, and you can almost tailor it to people’s personalities, and interests.” “It’s an experience,” says Hall. And, what better experience than a trip down memory lane with a candy necklace, an Abba Zabba, or wax lips to get a laugh? Hall says, “I want you to walk in here, and I want you to find stuff you haven’t seen in years, and jog a good memory. Welcome to your childhood!”

Ashley hasn’t shopped at Candytime in years, but today’s the day, and she’s shopping for a friend. “I got some toxic waste, it’s a classic, and my friend really likes Harry Potter. So, here’s some Harry Potter candy.” Cora loves it all. “I just like chocolate and sweets in general,” says Cora.

There’s also 172 different sodas, sugar free candy for diabetics, and sweets for the brave without feeling so much fear from catching Covid-19.

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