Buzzing Bees Bounce to New Home

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Thousands of furry pollinators have now found a new home, all thanks to some dedicated beekeepers.

Mesa County discovered a beehive at Long Family Memorial Park in the fall. They called the Western Colorado Beekeepers Association to deconstruct the pillar it was in, relocate the hive, and take it to a new home. “We would like to salvage as much as possible of the brood, the comb, the honey, and put them in a new hive and hopefully they’ll start a new colony in their new location,” said Jack Moore, the president of the Western Colorado Beekeepers Association.

A 2014 release from the White House said honeybees contribute over $15 billion to the U.S. economy through pollination. “One of our greatest pollinators, they pollinate a variety of fruits and vegetables that we eat, they provide us honey, the most important thing that they provide us,” said Moore.

Moore said bees are nothing to be afraid of, and they are very friendly furry insects. “They’re creative, they have a mind of their own, and they do this with or without our help,” said Moore.

Bees are on the brain because the Palisade International Honeybee Festival is coming up this weekend. Tomorrow, KREX 5 News will have a story with two of the guest speakers from the festival.

The pillar that was deconstructed to remove the beehive will cost Mesa County around $2,000. Those with the county said it’s worth it, if it puts families using the park at ease.

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