A local arms manufacturer is expanding to a new facility and bolstering their roster of employees.

In order to meet the demands of new government contracts CAPCO LLC has received, they’re expanding to a new 35,000 square foot facility recently acquired on 12th Street, just around the corner from their current facility.

Along with the expansion requires more employees and over the past two years, they’ve added 80 new jobs.

Cordell Bennigson, the CEO of CAPCO LLC tells us this expansion can add to the local economy as well.

Bennigson says, “Investing in technology, diversifying our operations, and creating jobs in Grand Junction is important and exciting for CAPCO.”

He went on to say that this expansion will help drive the local economy by hiring local contractors to renovate the facility.

Customers for the new contracts will come to Grand Junction utilizing the airport, hotels, restaurants, vehicle rentals, and will provide jobs in several sectors including manufacturing, management, engineering, and maintenance.