Cappella of Grand Junction inoculates both residents and staff with the COVID cure

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Since Monday, January 11th 4,489 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been distributed in Mesa County. The goal for Mesa County Public Health is to vaccinate 7,000 individuals directly dealing with COVID patients, including residents of long term care facilities by the end of January.

Governor Jared Polis says more than 110,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will go into the arms of Coloradans this week, and the goal is to protect 70% of Coloradans over the age 70. Governor Polis says, “From day one, our focus is distributing every dose of vaccine that we get from the federal government to save lives and end the pandemic.”

Colorado nursing home COVID rates are more than quadruple what they were in September, but some of the residents are already fighting a battle, and one couple is fighting it together. Richard Mize says, “Ann has Alzheimer’s, and so, we live in Alaska, but I couldn’t find a place up there that I felt satisfied where I could leave her.”

94% of long term care facilities have COVID-19 vaccine clinics set for the end of January, but Capella Assisted Living already had their COVID cure clinic. Executive Director of Capella, Joni Karp, isn’t just helping organize inoculations, she’s also on the list. Joni says, “We are so excited this is the first vaccine clinic. This is our first round. It feels like it’s a long time coming. It feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

More than 70 people will receive the COVID cure at Capella, and the first and second COVID-19 vaccine was administered to husband and wife. “It’s wonderful to finally have the vaccine here, and to get started on something that will lead to the end of the tunnel here,” Mize said.

Society has had to adapt to COVID-19, and the crushing effects on the economy, and the health crisis; and, although, a window separates mother and son, it could never separate the support. “I am anxious for all of us to get back to some kind of normal, and so that our families, and residents can see each other,” Karp said.

We’ve learned we can beat COVID-19, and we’ve learned heroes don’t wear capes because the true heroes are your family. “To be down here with Ann, and to be able to be with her is really helpful for me, for my mental attitude as well as her’s too,” Mize said.

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