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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – The auto industry is trying to steer clear from bumps in the road due to the Coronavirus.

The industry recognizes that the pandemic is hitting your pocketbook, which is why they’re giving buyers more time to shift into financial gear.

“A lot of the factories have put tremendous incentives out there to purchase a new vehicle,” said Shawn Harrison, the General Manager of Grand Junction Subaru and Volkswagen.

According to Harrison, now is the time to buy.

“If you need a new car, now is the best time to get it because you’re not going to see the zero interest for five, six and seven years,” said Harrison.

These incentives could even benefit recent buyers.

“They’re actually able to get into a newer vehicle, even sometimes a vehicle that has a few more options and keep their payment right around the same price at 0% so they’re getting more vehicle for their money,” said Andrew Martinez, General Sales Manager at Grand Junction Subaru.

According to Martinez, the dealership is taking precautions.

“We maintain our space, we make sure that everything is sanitized from top to bottom,” said Martinez, “We’re still scheduling appointments online but we do have our walk in traffic.”

The dealership is seeing an average of 10 to 12 appointments a day, plus walk-ins. Many of the customers tell KREX, they were shopping because it’s just time for an upgrade, but the incentives were a selling point.

“We really didn’t see much of a drop in business, that’s the really cool thing,” said Martinez.

This, despite the fact that factory closures have left the dealership at about a 50% reduction in standing inventory.

“Even though the supply might be a little short, if you’re a little flexible on color and trim, you can get a great buy on a new car right now,” said Harrison.

While new vehicles come with these incentives, used cars don’t seem to be in the same boat. According to Harrison, used car prices have gone up in many cases.

“To acquire that [used] car costs a little more money right now, but as long as you’re watching the market value on the car you’re still going to great deal and a great buy on a used car,” said Harrison.

As factories begin to open back up and get going with production, Harrison hopes the dealership will get some of its inventory back in the next few weeks.

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