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CareFlight Pulls Up To Western Colorado Community College

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A team of cared professionals took time off their schedules to visit Western Colorado Community College Tuesday afternoon.

Many of us see ambulances make their way through traffic, but few get to have a first hand view from the back of the truck. News Channel 5's Camila Barco had the opportunity to go for a ride along and siren the horn.

EMT/Paramedic students from the Western Colorado Community College held career day to get hands on experience.

"Just develop those relationships to get to know people so if we encounter them on the scene we'll have familiar faces" said Ryan Copenhagen, student at Western Colorado Community College.

The St. Mary's flight crew talked about flight transport, equipment used in emergency situations, and the critical care they provide.

"When I was starting as a paramedic it seemed kind of unreachable and you didn't really know anything about it, but to bring this closer to them and touch feels and see what we do and understand how you get the job...what it takes to do this job" explained flight paramedic, Kit Skinner.

But it's no ordinary job. These paramedics are not only instructed to drive an ambulance, but also fly in a medical helicopter and plane that can carry up to two patients. And this team never knows what's coming at them --everyday is a new obstacle.

"Sometimes you'll have no flights during the day and sometimes you'll be gone from the moment you get there till you leave the next day. And it can be a 24 hour shift, so you're going call to call for that 24 hours"

And after strapping on and taking a joy ride, I realized this job was no longer a job, it was a passion.

"Someone that wants to get into it, definitely take the steps, try to become a flight paramedic or a flight nurse, it's the best office you can have"

CareFlight operates 24 hours a day, a radius of 100 miles.

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