GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — In late September, the State Attorney General charged three Mesa County caregivers at a local assisted living facility, with the death of an 86-year-old woman. Two of the three caregivers went before a judge Tuesday for their review hearing.

As of now, the investigation confirms someone left Hazel Place, a resident at Cappella assisted living in Grand Junction, outside in the heat for six hours, Place died soon after.

The National Weather Service reported temperatures that day reached 102 degrees. The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit investigated and found that Jamie Johnston, Jenny Logan, and Letticia Martinez, were all responsible for the death of Hazel Place.

The Attorney General’s office charged all three with the negligent death of an at-risk person, a class four felony, and criminally negligent homicide, a class five felony.

Caregivers Martinez, and Johnston are also charged with second degree forgery. Prosecutors delayed scheduling Logan, after alluding to offering her a plea deal.

Martinez and Logan appeared before a judge where the next court date scheduled for both is in early January. Jamie Johnston is still awaiting her initial review hearing, scheduled for mid-December.