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Spring is in the air, which means some people with a green thumb are probably thinking about their garden. To help with the process, the Mesa County Composting Facility will be selling their “Mesa Magic” compost at a discounted rate.

Barrett Jensen is the solid waste director at the Mesa County Landfill, where they take local yard waste and transform it into “Mesa Magic.” “Whether people realize it or not, when they’re dropping something off, they’re contributing a lot to our future success, ’cause it’s not going into the landfill, they’re creating a product that’s locally sourced, and then used locally to enhance our soils,” said Jensen.

“Mesa Magic” compost will go on sale Tuesday, March 20. It usually costs $36 per yard, but it will be only $26 a yard. The discount is to get people excited for repairing our soils in the spring. “Amend the soil to provide more nutrients to provide for better yields in your soils,” said Jensen.

Jensen said the Mesa County Composting Facility is becoming more successful, and is almost paying for itself. But that does not mean the yard waste pile is as big as it could be. “We still see a lot of green waste in our landfill. We’re working next year on an expansion of that facility,” said Jensen.

Those at Bookcliff Gardens Nursery and Landscape use the Mesa County Composting Facility quite often. “We haul big roll-aways over there multiple times a week to feed the beast that is the composting facility,” said Dennis Hill, one of the owners of Bookcliff Gardens Nursery and Landscape.

Hill knows exactly how important soil is to a plant, because soil is where it all starts. “The healthier, better soil that we can produce or manufacture, the healthier better plants we’ll get out of them,” said Hill.

Hill and Jensen agree, when it starts as waste and turns into a wonder, everyone wins. “The more that we use it, the more that we’re going to divert from the landfill, and the more successful that program’s going to be,” said Jensen.

Mesa Magic will be on sale until March 31. The Mesa County Landfill is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

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