Carry the Load is a life changing journey taking a whole lot of steps to honor fallen soldiers and first responders, and the next stop is walking through Grand Junction. Kristoff Cohran with Carry the Load says, “It’s a grassroots effort that started in 2011 by two navy seals who retired, finished their duty, came back home, and felt like Memorial Day wasn’t important anymore.”

The 32-day relay includes five routes across the country, and each stop is a chance for veterans and military families to walk, connect, and share stories of their loved ones, but the goal is to heal. Beau York is a paramedic and he’s carrying a load to honor his family legacy of serving. “I’m actually carrying my grandfather Dewey Driggers, my other grandfather Melvin York, and my dad Tex York.”

People are carrying the load 20,000 miles crossing 48 states with one mission: to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us can follow our dreams. “I think it’s so important, and critical for the everyday American no matter our age to understand the importance of service and sacrifice, and I think carry the load’s mission of educating and bringing about that awareness in a very active way really connects people together, and helps to restore the true meaning to memorial day,” said Cohran.

The goal for the relay this year is to raise $2 million for recovery services for veterans, and the families left behind, but for those who can’t walk with the relay team, or go to one of the 100 rallies across the country you can still show your support a simple way on this Memorial Day. “You can honor them by thinking about them, celebrate them, and say thanks to whoever I see, said 6th grader Isaac Ward who continues to honor the memories of his grandfather and father who served.

All proceeds from the Carry the Load relay go toward recovery services including counseling, suicide prevention, job placement, home improvements, and even scholarships for children of the fallen.

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