GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — Imagine starting your life off homeless without a dime to your name. For some, like Georgia Evans that was reality. Until CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocates stepped in and changed her life and 20 others, so far.

Evans says, “since I got here, I’ve been able to be more stable at my job, I got a promotion, I’m a manager now at Sonic. I was also able to buy a car, I got my license. Well, now I’m trying to back to school.”

CASA has opened up three facilities on the Western Slope, one in Delta, and one in Montrose, with another Montrose location expected to be complete in 18 months with a price tag of six million dollars.

Evans also says, “Just by being here, it’s given me the support that I need that I wasn’t able to do before.”

The CEO of CASA says this program opens doors to those who have nowhere else to go after foster care.

Carlton Mason, CEO of CASA, says, “We just looked at it and said this is the next logical step for an organization that serves children ages 0-18. Let’s do that next step and see if we can get them stabilized and on onto life.”

Colorado Division of Housing funds CASA. This program has helped some rethink some important life decisions.

Evans also says, “it’s taken me a minute to finally quit drinking and what day is it today, 26 days sober and counting. I had to quit drinking, that’s the biggest part.”

Mason also says, “for a lot of them it’s made a huge difference, to see a young couple have a baby and know that there’s a place for that child to sleep.”

CASA provides a new beginning and an equal chance at life not just for this generation but for many to come.

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