CDOT Invites the Community to Join Cannabis Conversations

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In an effort to crack down on impaired driving, the Colorado Department of Transportation is striking up it’s second Cannabis Conversation.

That conversation invites cannabis users and non cannabis users, law enforcement, local government and the marijuana industry to participate in a dialogue aimed at creating solutions to the problem of using marijuana and driving.

CDOT says they’re disturbed by the number of people who say they don’t think using marijuana and driving is a safety hazard.

The Colorado State Patrol reported 629 fatalities last year on the state’s roadways, with a large number of those involving impaired drivers.

“A third of those were related to impairment, so we’re seeing a big problem with people who are making that poor decision to either drink and drive or use marijuana and drive,” said Colorado State patrol Trooper Lucas Johnson.

This year CDOT is turning the focus of the event to creating a new traffic safety PSA ad campaign warning drivers about the danger.

“To try and figure out which is the one that will connect with them the best, and will perhaps make the light bulb go off in their heads, so that they don’t continue to drive under the influence of marijuana,” said Sam Cole, CDOT Communications Manager.

That conversation campaign will start within the next few months. Click here for more information about Cannabis Conversations and upcoming opportunities to participate.

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