GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- CDOT’s Bustang Outrider is now connecting Telluride to the travel hub of Grand Junction, utilizing bus stops at the Grand Valley Transit, two hospitals (St. Mary’s Medical Center & V.A. Regional Medical Center), and the Grand Junction Regional Airport. After steady growth over the last three years, Colorado Department of Transportation wants the Bustang Outrider to help you get to your next destination.

“The original Durango to Grand Junction route just turns around, it doesn’t have time for people to do their business in Grand Junction,” Bustang Outrider Project Manager Jeffrey Prillwitz elaborates, “Now, at least from Telluride to Montrose and communities along that out route, they can come in here, do their shopping, go to the doctor if they have to.”

In expansion, riding Bustang is not just secured travel, it comes at almost no cost.

“With a traveling rate of 17 cents a mile, people can travel to more parts of Colorado at an affordable rate,” Cora Dickey reports.

A layover between the bus’ arrival and departure from the airport is five hours, giving passengers more leisure time between rides.

“They can come into Grand Junction in the mornings and then head back to other towns and cities to the south of Grand Junction in the afternoon and into the early evening,” CDOT’S Statewide Communications Manager Bob Wilson describes.

More Bustang stops willing be coming later in October, connecting Denver to Sterling. Already running five days a week. The Telluride-Grand Junction route could expand to weekend service, if in demand.