Celebrating 40 years with an open house party

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – (KREX) In 1981, the Counseling and Education Center, opened its doors with the goal to provide affordable counseling, for individuals and families in Mesa County.

Flash forward 40 years, the mission stays the same and the Counseling and Education Center is celebrating their 40th anniversary.

The Counseling and Education Center began in 1981 as the Center for Enriched Communications, a vision brought to life by two nuns. “Sister Faye and Sister Pat, which people in the community probably know and have grown to love, we have gone from a two man organization to now almost twenty,” Penny Frankhouser, past Executive Director, said.

Through many leadership transitions, the Counseling and Education Center has continued its objective to provide affordable counseling services to anyone in Mesa County, regardless of ones income or their ability to pay. “I am always amazed that after 40 years people are still asking, what is the Counseling and Education Center,” Frankhouser said, “As soon as we say the gold or crème building, they know exactly where we are, but not exactly what we do.”

The Counseling and Education Center has provided support to anyone in need in Mesa County for 40 years. During that time many executive directors have lead the organization, but as the current executive director says, tradition has never been lost. “What makes therapy special is that it is a safe space for you to come talk to somebody that’s non-biased and non-judgmental about whatever is going on in your lives,” Hali Nurnber, Executive Director said, “With that, we don’t get the opportunity very much to open our doors to the public. If you do not have a reason to enter our building you often don’t know what it feels like to come in. This is an opportunity for us to open our doors and really show the community who we are, invite you into our space, and show off a little bit.”

For more information on what services the Counseling and Education Center, visit: http://www.cecwecare.org/

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