Celebrating Kwanzaa and Discussing White Privilege

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Christmas might be over but some holidays are still going on including one celebrating black culture.  A Kwanzaa celebration was hosted tonight by Black Lives Matter Grand Junction at one local church.  
Kwanzaa started back in 1966 and celebrates black culture and also coming together as a community.
The lighting of the kinara which has seven candles and represents seven basic values of African culture took place.  Those values include unity, self determination, and collective work and responsibility.  Many different races came together to celebrate that with a movie about race and a discussion about how all races can work better together. 
Black Lives Matter wanted to discuss white privilege which they say are the advantages white people are born with and how that negatively impacts the black community.  Talking about it is a good step to take.
“Treating each other with kindness starts from acknowledging that there is a problem and working as a community to fix it.  To say you don’t experience racism or you don’t feel that white privilege exists isn’t going to mean it doesn’t exist.  Working together and acknowledging the problems we have is how we solve them,” says Jon Williams of Black Lives Matter Grand Junction. 

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