MONTROSE, Colo.- The Colorado State Board of Education has approved Montrose County School District as a district of innovation for Centennial Middle School.

This means the school will move from a traditional classroom setting to more innovative practices and programs to boost student learning and better prepare them for college.

“School is changing, and I think it’s changing for the better,” said Joe Simo, Principal of Centennial Middle School.

Many of us remember sitting in classrooms and listening to lectures. But at Centennial Middle School, they are transitioning from the status quo to a 21st century style of learning.

The school will be designing and implementing new ideas and curriculum next school year. However, they are testing the method now with Pilot classes.

The Pilot classes focus on blended learning of traditional style learning with the use of online class work. For the class, the students are separated into three groups. One group works on online programs while the teacher works with the two smaller groups.

The school will also have more professional development days where Teachers can continue to harness and improve their skills.

The school will also implement small support groups of students that will meet weekly where they will discuss together their strengths and weaknesses, progress and goals with the idea to get students more socially connected.

Centennial Middle School is now holding informational meetings for parents to attend to understand all the components of the plan for the school of innovation. For more information go to