The following is an excerpt from a press release sent by D51:

Dear Warriors, families, friends, and fans,

This is a very exciting time in Warrior nation. This year we will be celebrating our 75th Anniversary as Central Warriors. Since 1947, Central High School has been a part of our community and has graduated tens of thousands of Grand Junction’s finest. In addition to this amazing milestone and with the passing of Senate Bill 21-116, Central will be moving away from the Native American mascot as our Warrior symbol. We will be working together with students, alumni and the community over the summer and start of the school year to select a new symbol that epitomizes what it means to be a Warrior (See link below to submit your ideas).

The debate over the use of a historically subjugated people, such as the Native Americans, for a mascot has been discussed and studied for decades.  We want to embrace our history at CHS with pride and enthusiasm, and, with that in mind, we will keep the title of Warriors and work to create our new mascot image.  

Plans for the 75th Anniversary:  

Submitting your ideas for our Warrior Mascot:

We are looking for your cool ideas and designs. What symbol should move Central into our next 75 years? We are looking for a mascot that symbolizes the strength, determination and perseverance that comes with being a Warrior. With the passing of the senate bill, no Native American symbols (including items that are part of their culture) can be used. Two ideas that I have already received include a Spartan or Viking theme (Fruitvale High School were the Vikings), but we are working with a blank canvas here. Please click on the link below and add either an idea, or if you have a design of your own, you can add it as well.   


I want to thank you all for your help and support.  Being a Warrior is more than a title for me; it brings with it the pride, support and determination of our entire community.  Thank you for continuing to allow us to work with your kids and represent our community.

Lanc Sellden