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Change for Changing Lives

Mesa County, Colo - Independence Academy Charter School kicks off for their Change for Change drive, with proceeds going to Colorado Discover Ability.

Colorado Discover Ability is a nonprofit who helps the disabled community enjoy the outdoors just like everyone else.

This could be anything from skiing, biking or rafting and more, any time of year.

The word spread about the charity after some Independence Academy students saw CDA at Powderhorn.

When CDA got the chance to meet the kids who remembered their group, it created a memorable moment.

Executive Director for CDA, Kelly Collini says, "It was heartwarming, and it was humbling you know, to see that these children... were gonna raise money for our organization... but it was really cool too."

Independence Academy's goal is to raise $3,000 dollars and they might even see their own school's executive director eat a tarantula if they hit their monetary goal.

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