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Doug and Melinda McCaw conquered the Colorado Trail in July 2020 in 18 days running an average of 27 miles a day. Now, their journey through the elements and harsh terrain can be experienced through a documentary called, Chasing The Sky. “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” said Melinda in the documentary.

The Lunch Loop trailhead is merely a training ground so Doug and Melinda could tackle the 87,000 feet and 490 miles of Colorado Trail. “It has a lot of similar terrain. It’s really rocky and has some steep sections, but the Colorado Trail is a whole other animal,” said Melinda.

What started as a personal challenge, led them to found Elevate Kids, a mission helping kids one step at a time with the goal to raise $100,000 and Doug and Melinda have taken a lot of steps. Doug says, “So far we’ve raised almost $22,000.”

The run may be done, but the goal is still in view. Chasing The Sky is coming to a screen near you in the near future and ticket sales go back to the cause. “The next phase kicks in with the release of the documentary of what we did, our hope is to raise a lot more money with that as well,” said Doug.

Their feet took them through rain, sleet, snow, and avalanche debris, taking endurance, perseverance, and grit, but their commitment shown on the big screen may be the ticket in inspiring others to give to a good cause. “Gotta keep going,” said Melinda.

The public release of Chasing The Sky will be on October 14th at the CMU Ballroom, and again, on October 27th at the Grand Junction Picture Show. All ticket sales go to non-profits supporting kids in need.

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