City Market Heightens Social Distancing Measures to Fight COVID-19

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- Effective Tuesday, all City Market and King Soopers stores will limit the amount of shoppers to 50 percent of each building’s maximum capacity. This, according to a news release from City Market and King Soopers.

Also in the news release, the grocery chain has ordered face masks and gloves for all employees, which should arrive in stores by the end of this week.

Grocery stores are major essential businesses during this time. As coronavirus concerns continue, shoppers outside City Market on Tuesday agree with precautions being taken by the grocery chain.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Grand Junction shopper Diane Keivit “It would just be easier to keep the six feet of distancing that we’re supposed to do.”

“With so much shut down, these (groceries) are the last few places where people are congregating,” said another shopper Joe Shero. “So anything they can do to minimize the impact of this congregation is vital.”

Going into City Market of King Soopers, you can already see the plexiglass in front of cashiers, and the markers on the floor to keep social distancing while in line. A spokesperson for City Market and King Soopers explains how this new policy of limiting the stores’ capacities to 50 percent will work.

She says this will be driven by a special technology already used to count how many people are entering or exiting a store at any given time.

“With this new policy in place you won’t see people at the door actively monitoring the flow of traffic until we reach that capacity of 50% of the building’s maximum” said company spokesperson Jessica Trowbridge. “At that point we’ll have somebody outside monitoring the traffic into and out of the store. And they’ll begin to cue customers.”

Trowbridge also says City Market and King Soopers are considering implementing one-way aisles to further enhance social distancing while in the stores, and that policy is currently being tested in select locations.

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