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City Surveys Internet Providers

It comes after one company quoted $70 million dollars for internet improvements

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Last month the internet provider Sifi Nokia told the City of Grand Junction that providing high-speed internet could cost $70 Million, and so this week, city councilors are exploring other options.

Monday, the Grand Junction City Council met with 5 other providers. That included current providers- Charter and Century Link, providers from Colorado, like 32 Waves and Forethought and a new voice in the crowd, Emery Telcomm, based out of Price, Utah.

Currently, just 12% of Grand Junction's internet is provided via fiber-optic cables, which is the best choice for high-speed internet, and currently the majority of the city's resident's don't have access to that speed.

Sifi's proposal included a gigabyte of service for every home, but with their eyes on the future, city councilors aren't sure that's needed.

"You have to look at what do you need 10 years ago and it's isn't just that speed but how much is going to be wireless 10 years from now. Things change constantly in that industry." said Phyillis Norris

The City Council will revisit the issue during a workshop in two weeks, on Monday February 27th.

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