GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KFQX) — Colorado Secretary of State, Jenna Griswold gave Mesa County Clerk, Tina Peters three days to comply with new election security protocols, “This order that I shut up, stop investigating the election, apologize and then I can have my office back, I say never,” Tina Peters says.

The Secretary’s order would limit Peters duties as Clerk, but allow her to resume her job as the County’s Designated Election Official, an order Peters declined — putting the power back in the hands of voters. “Given the choice between violating the voters trust, or my oath and angering the powers that be, I am going to side with voters,” Peters said.

Peters met in front of supporters, “We are standing in front of the justice center for a reason,” Peters says, “I and the people that stand with me have paid a high price and from the looks of things it’s not over yet.”

But her big announcement? “I’m formally announcing that I am running to be your Mesa County Clerk,” Peters announced.

Come election season, voters will see Peters name, but also Motor Vehicle Manager, Bobbie Gross,” When I saw the turmoil that’s been happening over there, with the staff over turn, that’s never a good look in that Clerks office, experience matters, accountability and integrity,” Gross says.

Voters will also see third party candidate, Robert Ballard, also running for Peter’s seat.

Ballard sent FOX 4 News this statement saying his candidacy aims to bring back a form of normalcy to the Clerk’s office, Ballard hopes he can reconstruct the division and regain the community trust, Peter’s lost.