Construction will continue at the North Avenue and I-70 B loop interchange, and will close the I-70 B westbound off-ramp leading to US 6/North Avenue eastbound starting on 7 A.M. on Monday, July 24, and ending at 7 P.M. on Tuesday, August 1. 

The westbound interchange onto I-70 B is open for the coming week, but the off-ramp from westbound I-70 B by the car dealerships will be closed for a little over a week. 

Drivers that need to access eastbound North Avenue can head further west and make a U-turn near the Rimrock Marketplace. Individuals can also continue onto Independent Avenue and work their way back. 

Another shorter construction project to look out for is on 29 Road, from Patterson to North Avenue. There will be periodic delays on Monday and Tuesday as crews work on a preservation project.