Cloudrise moves headquarters to Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Cloudrise wants to be where its culture could shine. The company saw untapped potential in Grand Junction, and a chance to build a tech hub in the community.

“There’s an epicenter here of professionals that, I think, allows us to drop upon phenomenal tech talent, business talent, and so I think the pandemic actually was kind of a catalyst for this,” Rob Eggebrecht realizes.

What better place to find future talent than where the future is now? Cloudrise’s current headquarters is in CMU’s Maverick Innovation Center.

While utilizing the technology, this helps build a bridge between the school’s cybersecurity program and experienced professionals.

“It gives us a chance to see what companies like Cloudrise need in that academic piece,” Tom Benton shares “It might be tweaked a little bit so that those students that are studying cybersecurity have a chance to get more real time opportunities of how the industry is changing in cybersecurity.”

“From a faculty point-of-view, we can have these experts in our backyard to bring them and talk to our classes,” Ram Basnet adds, “We get our students excited about the career opportunities in cyber.”

Cloudrise is collaborating with CMU to ensure the curriculum is applicable to the work field.

The win-win in this partnership is that cybersecurity graduates have a platform, and Cloudrise can grow from the ground up.

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