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CMU Tackles College Affordability

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - More jobs are looking for candidates to have a college education, but with costs continuously rising, for many people, college is not an option. 

Colorado Mesa University is doing their best to balance cost with quality, with many ways they're staying one of the lowest cost colleges in Colorado. 

A college education is a big investment that more and more people are finding it harder to afford. There's no question that college is expensive, but compared to 15 years ago, the cost has shot up. 

Due to state budget cuts and reorganization of funds, where the state once tackled up to 70% of the cost of college, that number is now inverted. 

But colleges like Colorado Mesa University are trying to make college more affordable. They do this through scholarships and other aid programs. For example, last year they awarded 75% of the student body financial aid, totaling up to around 74 million dollars. 

And in comparison to other Colorado universities, CMU is one of the least expensive schools. And in terms of outstanding debt for fulltime students, Colorado Mesa ranks one of the lowest in the state, drawing more students from other regions. 

So although college affordability is nationally a challenge, CMU is doing their best to provide quality and affordability to Colorado's students. 

More information on CMU's scholarships and financial aid opportunities can be found on their website. 

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