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Coffee With The Board

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Saturday morning people had the chance to voice their concerns to District 51 board members over a cup of coffee.

Once a month, District 51 members hold what they call a "board coffee." This allows community members to ask questions and voice their concerns within the school district.

Todays Coffee With the Board took place at the Factory located at 750 Main Street.

Some of the main topics brought up were administrative salaries, teacher shortages, as well as their search for their new superintendent.

"We have been without leadership for a good month now. We need to get somebody there to get stability back," said Paul Pitton, Board of Education for District 51.

"I was pretty shocked. I thought we were headed in the right direction. When all of that came to light it was pretty shocking and worrisome that all of that money was spent without really thinking about it," said Megan Henry, Art Teacher with District 51.

Their next open meeting is scheduled for September 27. They will also be interviewing candidates for the interim superintendent position on that day.

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