The Mesa County Commissioners approve the Collbran Auditorium as a historic landmark on June 20.

The “Mission Style” Auditorium was constructed in 1907, and serves as a community gathering place for several different kinds of activities. “It has been used for graduations, it’s been used for weddings and funerals, and many many activities. And so it just means a lot to me to see it continue,” says Sylvia Spangler, the President of the Plateau Valley Historical Preservation Society.

Officials with the Town of Collbran say that remembering history is important. “You create history every day. And the history that we have that’s gone by, I think we have to remember that, and we have to learn from it,” says Lew Evans, a member of the Collbran Town Board of Trustees.

Now that the building has been designated as a Historic Landmark, repairs will begin being made to the outdated plumbing and electricity.